Nuix Announces Management Console for Large-Scale E-Discovery

Organizations are faced with growing data that is potentially subject to discovery, leading them to seek solutions to efficiently manage their ever-increasing data volumes.

LegalTech News interviewed Stephen Stewart, CTO of Nuix, about how the Nuix Management Console assists larger organizations to tackle their growing challenges conducting eDiscovery.

The article on LegalTech News addresses questions about scale and complexity in eDiscovery, managing the practice in a larger environment, and the features that the Nuix Management Console boasts. 

Stephen Stewart

Stephen Stewart

Chief Technology Officer

Stephen has over 15 years of experience working with both public and private sector organizations to provide solutions for their email, file, and document management/archiving challenges. He joined Nuix in 2008 and has helped numerous financial institutions to develop, design, and implement solutions to meet both their storage and regulatory requirements.

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