Nuix and Control Risks partner to enhance investigation, information governance, and regulatory compliance workflows

Huntington Beach – 18 September, 2017 — Global technology company Nuix and independent global risk consultancy Control Risks are collaborating to create custom solutions to help clients.

“Control Risks is an expert in analyzing and investigating data, using Nuix as its primary platform, to help its customers investigate and analyze critical data,” said Chris Pogue, Nuix’s Head of Services, Security, and Partner Integration. “For example, Control Risks used Nuix to quickly identify and extract data integral to the second largest anti-corruption investigation in Brazil’s history.

“Our shared customer base will benefit from Control Risks’ consultancy expertise as well as its experience at integrating Nuix technology into investigations, information governance, and regulatory compliance workflows.”

Tighter integration of these leading technologies will improve enterprise visibility into unstructured data and help clients develop efficient, repeatable, and compliant processes to manage digital information and respond to regulatory data requests. They will be able to implement real-time information governance risk and compliance monitoring frameworks to detect threats.

“Nuix continues to lead with innovative technologies that we can now provide to our clients,” said Al Park, Senior Partner, Technology at Control Risks.

“We operate in an increasingly complex data-driven environment requiring smart solutions to meet our client’s needs,” said Rith Kem, Principal, Technology at Control Risks.

Rith Kem will present a session on using Nuix Insight Adaptive Security to detect and remediate enterprise risks in real time at the Nuix User Exchange, September 17–20 in Huntington Beach, California.