Nuix Insight Analytics & Intelligence Delivers Baked-in Expertise for Investigating Insider Threats, Data Breaches, and More

London, UK – November 1, 2016 — Global technology company Nuix today announced Nuix Insight Analytics & Intelligence, a powerful data analysis platform that makes it incredibly intuitive to extract and interact with intelligence from nearly any data source or file type. It combines the Nuix Engine’s renowned high-speed data processing capabilities with scalable and advanced analytics to correlate and contextualize information, delivering relevant insights and faster results.

“The worldwide demand for expertise in cybersecurity and intelligence analysis simply can’t be met by hiring more people—the only answer is to bake more knowledge and insights into technology,” said Dr. Jim Kent, Global Head of Security & Intelligence at Nuix. “Nuix Insight Analytics & Intelligence brings together our global leadership in data processing and analytics with decades of experience in incident response, insider threats, threat intelligence, counterintelligence, and security strategy. This means data analysis, security, and forensic professionals of all knowledge levels can do more with less.”

Nuix Insight Analytics & Intelligence correlates and contextualizes data by leveraging:

  • The Nuix Engine and its proven ability to extract text and metadata from hundreds of file formats and massive data volumes
  • A high-performance distributed database and search engine
  • A rich and easy-to-use graphical interface that will appeal to novice analysts and seasoned security professionals
  • Intelligence filters that help analysts focus on the data most relevant to specific use cases
  • A graph database that automatically finds connections between people, objects, locations, and events.

This four-dimensional analysis helps bring digital facts to a human level, providing much deeper visibility and understanding of intelligence and threat scenarios than traditional analytics products.

Customers can extend the functionality of Nuix Insight Analytics & Intelligence with a series of solution packs—search criteria and linking algorithms created from the real-world experience of Nuix’s subject matter experts. These intelligence filters will streamline analysis of specific scenarios including data breaches, insider threats, fraud, and counterterrorism.

“Individuals, organizations, and nation states must swiftly adapt and respond to security threats—or face dire consequences,” said Sean Doherty, Analyst at 451 Research. “Whatever makes an organization secure today will be gone tomorrow. Nuix Insight Analytics & Intelligence uses the Nuix Engine to aggregate data from more than 600 formats and contextualizes that information to provide immediate insight. It correlates the people, objects, locations, and events of interest to a security incident so that investigators can assess security threats to plan and execute informed responses.”

Nuix Insight Analytics & Intelligence is now available to enterprise customers who join Nuix’s Early Adopters Program. Earlier this year, Nuix announced Nuix Insight Adaptive Security, the first endpoint security platform to tightly integrate cybersecurity threat prevention, detection, response, remediation, and deception in one solution.