Nuix Launches Hack It and Track It Training Course

Helps Penetration Testers and Incident Responders Understand Both Sides of the Hack

Herndon, VA – Tuesday March 3 2015 — Nuix, a technology company that enables people to make fact-based decisions from unstructured data, today announced it added the Hack It and Track It course to its training curriculum. This course for penetration testers and incident response investigators covers cutting-edge techniques for compromising a target and forensically investigating that breach.

During this hands-on learning experience, Nuix’s expert trainers will lead participants through four real-world scenarios of compromising a host and extracting target data. Trainees then use the indicators of compromise and trace evidence left behind by their activities to tell the story of what took place and how.

“Hack It and Track It allows incident response teams to experience a real incident in a safe environment before encountering one in the real world,” said Dr. Jim Kent, Global Head of Investigations and Cybersecurity at Nuix. “Forensic professionals can better understand the nuances of the attacks they investigate so they know what evidence to look for. It also helps educate penetration testers about the traces they leave behind.”

Participants in the class will:

  • Be introduced to penetration testing and forensics methodology
  • Look at four different real-world attack scenarios: Brute force attacks, management console attacks, SQL injection attacks, and remote file inclusion attacks
  • Learn how to use common penetration testing tools including Nmap, Metasploit, Ncrack, Medusa, sqlmap, web shells, and custom exploits
  • Use common forensics tools including Nuix, forensic imaging utilities, NetworkMiner, Wireshark, Volatility, The Sleuth Kit, and custom scripts.

“Hack It and Track It is the latest addition to the Nuix curriculum of eDiscovery, investigation, cybersecurity, and software developer training and certification,” said Kent. “This course helps forensic professionals develop crucial skills so they can combat real-world risks that threaten their organizations.”

Nuix will hold a Hack It and Track It course at HACK NYC 2015, March 18–19 at the Hotel Pennsylvania, New York. Visit our website for more information about Nuix Hack It and Track It and a schedule of upcoming courses.