Nuix Launches Sensitive Data Finder

Nuix Launches Sensitive Data Finder, a Powerful Tool for Compliance with Privacy Laws and Data Protection Regulations

Herndon, VA  – Tuesday, March 17, 2015 — Nuix, a technology company that enables people to make fact-based decisions from unstructured data, today launched Nuix Sensitive Data Finder, a breakthrough technology that quickly and precisely identifies high-risk and high-value information wherever it is stored. This helps organizations comply with privacy laws and regulatory requirements, and defend vital information against cybersecurity breaches and inadvertent loss.

“Data breaches are in the news almost every week—and that means it has never been more important to proactively identify and secure your intellectual property and other sensitive data such as personally identifiable and payment card information,” said Julie Colgan, Head of Information Governance Solutions at Nuix. 

“A common theme that emerges from breach investigations is that the victims couldn’t adequately secure their sensitive data because they didn’t know what they had, where it was, and who had access to it. If you don’t even know where to start looking, this massively drives up the cost of post-breach remediation.

“Nuix Sensitive Data Finder gives information security and governance practitioners who are looking for this data the power to find it precisely and fast.”

Nuix Sensitive Data Finder applies all of Nuix’s searching power—including proximity searches, Named Entities, and optical character recognition—to locate specific information across the contents of individual computers, log files, email systems, file shares, cloud services, databases and other enterprise storage systems.

It is the company’s first application of its patent-pending Custom Processing technology, which deploys lightweight Nuix Engine Instances onto endpoints across an organization to conduct sophisticated searches without storing a permanent index. This enables customers to run rapid distributed sweeps and audits without having to build complex server or storage infrastructure.

Early adopters of Nuix Sensitive Data Finder have included large enterprises and advisory firms. They have used it to improve compliance with privacy laws, regulations such as HIPAA, and industry standards such as PCI-DSS for payment card data, as well as to identify and manage high-value data such as contracts.

“By finding and remediating inappropriately stored sensitive data, organizations can improve compliance, manage business risks, and minimize the opportunities for it to escape though cybersecurity breaches, malicious insiders, or accidental losses,” said Colgan. “This kind of governance can be just as valuable for protecting intellectual property such as trade secrets and proprietary recipes—the things that make your organization unique and deliver competitive advantage.”

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Nuix is a Gold Sponsor of the AIIM Conference 2015, March 18–20, 2015 in San Diego, CA. Nuix Information Governance Program Architect Brian Tuemmler will be hosting a roundtable discussion “Info Transparency for ECRM” on Wednesday March 18.