Nuix Receives Sizable Order to Support Federal Law Enforcement

Herndon, VA – December 4, 2014 — Nuix, a technology company that enables people to make fact-based decisions from unstructured data, has signed an agreement to supply one of its federal law enforcement agency customers with Nuix Investigator Lab software. This premier digital forensic investigation and analytics technology will support law enforcement offices around the country.

The Nuix Investigator Lab enables rapid collection and processing of terabytes of evidence per day for timely analysis. Powered by the patented Nuix Engine, the Investigator Lab extracts data from all available evidence sources for simultaneous review and collaboration by multiple investigators, in a single location or remotely.

This deployment will support law enforcement officers located in regional offices nationwide through a single, centralized deployment of the Investigator Lab.  The federal agency will take advantage of key features of the Investigator Lab such as:

  • Nuix’s new “core on demand” technology to distribute evidence processing capacity as required to regional offices for review
  • Serving as single point of processing for all primary digital evidence associated with an investigation
  • Extracting and cross-referencing intelligence items automatically to reveal connections across multiple data sources; creating “compound cases” to extend this analysis across multiple current and past investigations
  • Using data visualizations and intuitive search and sifting techniques to allow immediate understanding and follow-up on key artifacts and patterns buried within massive volumes of data and across multiple sources of evidence

“Nuix is a proven worldwide solution for evidence processing and analytics,” said Dr. Jim Kent, a former hi-tech crime unit detective and Nuix’s Global Head of Investigations and Cybersecurity. “Once again we welcome the opportunity to support federal law enforcement with the most advanced, scalable and robust digital evidence processing, investigation and analytics platform. Nuix has seen a 300 percent growth in the federal space in calendar year 2013. The company is on track to extend that success rate in 2014.”