T3K-Forensics is an Austrian company based in Vienna, with expertise in mobile forensics and machine learning. Our primary mission is to bring state-of-the-art machine learning applications to law enforcement and other organizations, helping to improve and complement existing workflows. We believe that technology needs to support and not overwhelm people in their daily work. That’s why all our solutions are focusing on usability, automation, flexibility, and easy integrations.

Our analytical solutions LEAP & CORE support the fight against organized and trans-border crime, extremism, and child sexual abuse. We offer the most advanced and granular object recognition classifiers to automatically detect CSAM material as part of criminal investigations or data compliance activities in the private sector.  We also offer expertise in the fields of Islamist and right wing extremism, including the most extensive library of propaganda material (documents, images, videos, etc.), extremism URL databases and the ability to provide context around identified data to assist investigation teams to make the right decisions.

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