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During the forced isolation brought on by the COVID-19 crisis, there are still plenty of opportunities to connect and interact with us online. We'll be updating this page weekly with webinars, media, and articles that we hope you'll find valuable during this unprecedented period.

Coming This Week

(May 23-29, 2020)


Custom Apps & Workflows: Leveraging Nuix Discover Data Models and API

May 26 | 1PM EDT

Nuix Discover includes powerful functionality that allows legal teams to build custom applications on top of the Nuix Discover database. Watch this session to see Nuix Discover Product Owner David Stromberg demonstrate how to achieve this with Data Models and the Nuix Discover Connect API.



The Wonderful World of Processing Settings: Gaining Control Over Your Review Set

May 29 | 10AM AEST / May 28 | 5PM PDT

Processing data is not always a one step process in your workflow. During this free training webinar, learn what the different processing options mean for you and how can you use them to your advantage to get data in faster.

Do More by Doing Less: A Different Approach to Digital Forensics

May 27 | 2PM BST | 9AM EDT

Thanks to the rapid proliferation of consumer technology, almost any crime leaves a digital footprint, correct analysis of which has the potential to further an investigation. However, the very factors that create this opportunity also introduce significant complications, because the broad spectrum and volume of sources of investigable information require greater lab throughput than can be sustainably met using existing technology and processes. Join this session to learn how Nuix and Avatu can help you to do more by actually doing less via an "At Desk Review" methodology and a new scalable model for the delivery of digital forensics using Nuix Investigate.

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Check out some new and featured video and audio content from our team!

Exploring a Five-year Construction Litigation Case

Partner Feature - NightOwl Global

NEW Nuix Discover Learning Path in Nuix Academy!

"Getting Started with Nuix Discover" is our new complimentary Nuix Discover Learning Path. This learning path contains a series of new courses, and customers who register receive:

  • A series of ten short video courses designed to cover the most regularly requested topics

  • The full Nuix Discover Onboarding course, designed to introduce students to the Nuix Discover SaaS environment and deliver the core functionality necessary to start using Nuix Discover successfully. This course will provide participants exposure to end user functionality and walk through managing a Nuix Discover SaaS environment, case cloning, user administration, getting data into a case, enriching data for review, modifying case security and objects in a cloned case, and creating productions and exports. Students will learn how to approach creating and managing new cases to align with business needs and promote consistent and repeatable workflows.

  • To request access to this Learning Path, please reach out to

  • If you already have access to the Nuix Academy, please visit


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