Nuix Introduction to Java and RESTful Course

The Nuix RESTful and Java API Training is a one-day classroom-based training course intended for software developers new to developing with the Nuix REST and Java API but not new to developing web applications against RESTful APIs in general. The goal of the training is to provide instruction for performing basic Nuix functions such as creating a case and processing data in a client agnostic manner. Regardless of your preferred programming language, as long as it supports communication via HTTP, the Nuix REST API offers a stable, flexible and robust platform for distributed web application development.

The Nuix RESTful and Java API course is offered at various locations.  Please see scheduled classes below.

Additionally, we can work with you to schedule this training onsite at your office.  For more information on onsite training, please contact

To find out more, download the Nuix Intro to Java and RESTful syllabus.


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