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Q1 Dynamics

Q1 Dynamics have successfully created and deployed multiple forensic and eDiscovery add-ons for the most popular application providers and their clients.  These add-ons integrate divested systems into the power of the Nuix, Clearwell, Relativity, Exterro, Sumuri and Paraben processing systems.  This level of application development has surpassed the corporate and legal Daubert and defensibility standards in North America as well as EMEA and APAC.

Q1 Dynamics have been providing forensic and eDiscovery services, training and custom applications to global clients for over 15 years.  Fully accredited and Federally certified teams of Q1 have engaged to assist in Digital and Cyber forensic investigations for some of the worlds most highly profiled organizations.

On behalf of some of the largest forensic and eDiscovery application providers, Q1 is the go-to partner for conducting forensic and eDiscovery certification training for all of the big 4, law enforcement, as well as public and private organizations in North America, EMEA and APAC.

Recognized speakers and publication contributors to Sedona Conference, ACAMS, ACEDS, ACFCS, ASIS and OPD, Q1 Dynamics has continued to be on the forefront of evangelizing defensible and Daubert standards throughout the globe.



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