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Rampiva unleashes the full potential of your Nuix deployment.
Our software layer combines an easy-to-use job queue with the ability to build and customize libraries of detailed Nuix workflows, and a powerful set of operational reports and tools for cross-case analysis.
Clients report double-digit improvements in speed-to-review, dramatic improvements in staff-time required by each case, and the ability to leverage advanced Nuix features to solve new challenges.
Nuix is a powerful platform with a wide variety of uses. Rampiva is designed to match that flexibility, while adding value in key areas, including:

  • Making Nuix accessible to non-technical users
  • Processing data after hours
  • Real-time reporting and notifications
  • Ordering and automating the operations that drive Nuix processing
  • A web-accessible platform for starting and monitoring jobs
  • Tactical improvements, like accelerating global custodian deduplication, making it easy to export and read from SQL, federating processing jobs to multiple machines, and getting data into common review platforms

Our clients often start in one of three categories:

  • New Nuix Users who want to accelerate their adoption by making the tool easy to use and reduce errors.
  • Established Teams looking to free-up staff to provide a more valuable solution design or project management services.
  • Advanced Teams pushing the boundaries of what Nuix can do, like processing data in Azure/AWS, “always on” processing, and tackling information governance, compliance and security projects

Case Study: A law firm client conducted an impact analysis 6 months after adoption Rampiva. They found a 14% increase in data processed per month, a 29% increase in the number of data processing tasks executed per Case, and – even when processing more data through Nuix, and doing more in Nuix –  a 44% decline in the average staff time spent in each case.

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