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Teel Technologies Canada

Teel Technologies Canada offers a wide variety of digital forensic training courses, tools and equipment, and services, to the digital forensics community.


Our training is cost-effective and platform-neutral, with a focus on advanced forensics, as well as tool-specific training. Courses include: Chip-Off 2.0 with Certification, Advanced JTAG Forensics, In-System Programming, Flasher Box / Bootloader training, and much more.


Tools & Equipment

We are Canada's leading reseller of digital forensic tools, equipment, hardware, and software. Whether you are looking for individual tools or complete workbench toolsets, we offer a large selection and competitive pricing.



Our service department is helmed by industry expert Bob Elder. Our extensive industry expertise, coupled with a state of the art lab, makes Teel Technologies Canada the perfect digital forensics solution to help you recover the crucial data needed to assist in your case.



Bronze Partner



759 Vanalman Ave b1,
Victoria, BC V8Z 3B8, Canada