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At Nuix, we recognize that our partners and their skills are key to our continued success. We’ve built our partner program to harness the power and flexibility of a healthy ecosystem to benefit our partners and their customers.

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Why Partner with Us

We are a leading provider of investigative analytics and intelligence software

Our patented data processing and indexing technology enables you to tackle large volumes of unstructured data faster and more accurately than any other technology on the market. The market for Nuix investigations and eDiscovery solutions is growing as many government organizations, corporations, law enforcement agencies and legal firms bring investigations and eDiscovery in-house.

As Nuix embraces the next level of data growth, we are expanding our investment and commitment to our partner program. We give you and your customers the solutions you need to proactively manage increasing unstructured data volumes.

We back this up with:

  • A dedicated partner support team
  • Skill-based margins
  • Comprehensive partner sales and technical education
  • Marketing and demand generation assistance.  


The Nuix Partner Program encompasses an extensive set of tools and resources to help you maximize your relationship with Nuix.



Being a member of the Nuix Partner Program means that we commit to providing you the resources and tools necessary to drive your business and deliver an exceptional customer experience. The Nuix Partner Program is focused on resellers, value-added resellers and professional services partners. For these partners there are three program levels: Gold, Silver and Bronze.

As your skills increase, so do your margins and partner benefits will also increase. In addition to the partner levels, we also encourage fulfillment and referral partners to be a part of our partner program. These partners earn margin on fulfillment of opportunities that sell Nuix software.


Gold partners have attained the highest level of Nuix certified sales and technical skills and receive the highest margins and benefits. They have demonstrated their continued commitment to achieving exceptional customer satisfaction, skills and revenue performance.


  • Partner Portal access and support
  • Deal registration bonus
  • Fulfilment/referral margin
  • Nuix Sales Training and Certification
  • Nuix Technical Training and Certification
  • Access to co-branded collateral
  • Dedicated channel partner manager
  • Partner Portal presence
  • Quarterly Business Reviews (QBR)
  • Co-marketing support and funding

Silver partners have made an investment in acquiring Nuix sales and technical skills. They are focused on growing their Nuix skill base, ensuring customer satisfaction and driving revenue. As a Silver partner, you are eligible for enhanced partner benefits.


  • Partner Portal access and support
  • Deal registration bonus
  • Fulfilment/referral margin
  • Nuix Sales Training and Certification Nuix
  • Technical Training and Certification
  • Access to co-branded collateral

Bronze partners are entry-level partner program participants who have access to the benefits of the Partner Program. They are encouraged to use our educational offerings to grow their sales and technical skills to increase their partner level and gain additional margin.


  • Partner Portal access and support
  • Deal registration bonus
  • Fulfilment/referral margin
  • Nuix Sales Training and Certification

The Nuix Partner Program encompasses an extensive set of tools and resources to help you maximize your relationship with Nuix including:

The Nuix Learning Management System (LMS) enables partners to expand their sales and technical skills to increase their knowledge of Nuix products which will enable increased sales at higher margins. The education is offered via our LMS system and consists of online and classroom options. Upon successful completion of each certification level, partners are eligible for increased margins

Deal Registration is available to all partners in the program and enables them to qualify for additional margins for deals which are registered via the Partner Portal. In addition, deal registration provides deal protection for approved opportunities and prevents channel conflict. Nuix provides a deal registration facility to help all our partners protect their deals. Deal registration allows our partners to qualify for dedicated Nuix support on opportunities they register. In addition, partners can also qualify for a deal registration bonus. Deal registration also provides added confidence that you have an advantage when competing with other partners on the same opportunity. Nuix will never disclose to other partners information you provide to us for deal registration purposes.

As part of the Nuix Partner Portal, partners have access to Nuix created marketing collateral as well as co-branded marketing materials that can be used to drive sales. Partners may also be eligible to be listed on the Partner Portal to increase market presence. Customer testimonial videos are also available to assist in increasing awareness and closing opportunities.

Nuix technology is used across the globe and as a result, we have a dedicated team of sales, technical and marketing resources to assist our partners in APAC, North America and EMEA. In addition, each region has a dedicated channel manager to ensure our partners have the resources they need to be successful.

Our partner program enables our partners to work with us from opportunity identification models to our skill-based partner levels of Bronze, Silver and Gold partners which provide margin based on partner skills. We encourage our partners to participate in utilizing our LMS to increase their skills, gain certification and qualify for higher margins.

Nuix has developed and released a world-class training program to help our partners achieve the skills and expertise they need to maximize their Nuix selling potential. We offer introductory and specialist eDiscovery and investigation courses. We also provide certification exams covering knowledge-based and practical elements, so partners can become qualified and recognized as specialists in Nuix technology. The Partner Enablement section of the portal provides further details about our training courses and is available to all partners in the program. It enables them to qualify for additional margins for deals that are registered via the Partner Portal.

User-friendly Subject Access Request Response

Subject access requests come for many companies for a variety of reasons. In this situation, a large international recruitment agency employing thousands of people in 100 offices across 36 countries had a unique source of these requests.

The agency places thousands of candidates in roles every year. Naturally, it also works with many thousands of candidates who don’t receive a job offer. These candidates often blame the recruitment company and submit subject access requests in order to find out why. Facing an increasing number of these subject access requests, the customer sought an efficient and cost-effective solution that would help it respond quickly without hampering its primary business activities.


Building on a Relationship of Trust


Nuix created a subject access request solution lab based on Nuix Workstation and Nuix Investigate that provides swift and user-friendly functionality. This enables the agency to respond to subject access requests within the stipulated 30-days in order to avoid regulatory penalties.

Nuix capitalized on a good relationship with an executive who had experienced the benefits of our software in a previous role and was keen to introduce the software to the agency. To reinforce the business case, Nuix expanded the conversation to the legal team, showcasing how litigation use cases could be covered using the same software and leading to a successful implementation of a Nuix-powered subject access request solution.

First Response Investigates Cyberespionage and Insider Threats with Nuix
First Response’s Technical Director John Douglas explains how the data investigation and incident response services firm helped an aerospace company that was under sustained attack from a nation-state intelligence service.
Leading Auditing and Consultancy Organization Invests in Nuix Discover for High Performance Review
One of Germany's leading auditing and consultancy organizations with more than 11,000 specialists and around 600 partners at 21 locations in Germany has implemented Nuix Discover for its high performance review operations. It’s the second largest professional services company in the world and has long been one of Nuix’s key partners. The customer delivers a range of tailored services to organizations through every stage of the business lifecycle to enhance its economic value. Much of its workflow involves review and analytics, which led to its search for a high performance, intelligent review platform other than Relativity. Because it already knew of Nuix's superlative technology through its use of Nuix Workstation. To complement this, it purchased Nuix Discover, starting with one terabyte but expecting to scale to ten terabytes within the first six months. It chose Nuix Discover for its analytics, audio, and chat features. As part of the investment, the customer also purchased Nuix Discover Case Manager Training to reinforce its objective of obtaining a world class review platform with great functionality.


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