Getting Started with Threat Hunting

Threat hunting and visibility into the endpoints across your network is an important, and sometimes overlooked, tool in your cybersecurity repertoire. Expert Windows forensic investigator and threat hunter Harlan Carvey talks about how organizations can get started threat hunting, succeeding once they start, and the importance of understanding a network's endpoints. For more information about Nuix's endpoint Adaptive Security software, visit

Harlan Carvey

Harlan Carvey

Director of Intelligence Integration

Harlan began his career in information security 28 years ago. After serving on active duty with the United States military, he transitioned to planning, coordinating, and executing vulnerability assessments. He then went on to digital forensics and incident response, which in turn led to targeted threat hunting and response. Harlan is an accomplished public speaker and prolific author, particularly in the area of digital forensic analysis of Windows systems. He has written a number of open source tools, including RegRipper.


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