Homebrew Threat Intelligence

Security analysts, incident responders, and others tasked with defending their enterprises have a wealth of intelligence sources at their fingertips, whether they realize it or not.

Threat intelligence experts Chris Woods and Chris Brewer presented in early October at SecTOR 2018 and expanded on their presentation in this podcast episode. Click here for the full recording of their presentation at SecTOR.

Christopher Woods

Director of Audit & Compliance, Office of the Chief Information Security Officer

Chris has 22 years experience in the field of Information Technology. During that time he obtained two undergraduate degrees in forensics, a master’s degree, and attended over 30 continuing education classes many resulting in a certification.

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Chris Brewer

Cybersecurity Consultant

Chris Brewer has more than 16 years’ professional IT experience, including five years dedicated to information security. He has investigated many data breaches involving state-sponsored attacks and zero-day exploits. Chris has also worked as a systems administrator for Linux, Unix, and Windows systems, and as a security analyst.

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