Nuix Unscripted - eDiscovery Perspectives from Relativity Fest

Nuix Business Development Manager Matthew Geaghan joins the show fresh off a visit to Chicago and Relativity Fest, one of the larger eDiscovery conferences of the year. Matthew shares some perspectives gained while at the show, commenting on the idea that "eDiscovery is dead" (hint - it's not) and the future of technology in the field.

Matthew Geaghan

Business Development Manager

Matthew joined Nuix in 2010 as our first European employee, bringing technical eDiscovery experience from his time at a leading London's legal support company. He provided consultancy, training and support, to ensure our European customers got the most from their investment in Nuix technology. He has since worked on investigations with our most high-profile clients, including the UK government and top-tier corporations around the world. Matthew now leads our New York eDiscovery team.

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