Nuix Unscripted - Quick Byte: Friday Night eDiscovery

It's Friday afternoon, you're packing up to leave, and you get the dreaded request; a hard drive full of evidence and a deadline to have everything processed and ready for search ... on Monday! Nuix USG Senior Solutions Engineer Joe Babineau talks about how to satisfy this request and not lose your whole weekend doing so, all by using Nuix to do your heavy lifting for you.

Joe Babineau

Solutions Consultant, Nuix USG

Joe Babineau has over 25 years of expertise in data processing, litigation support, project management, and in handling conversion software packages for U.S. Government Agencies and consulting firms. He has extensive hands-on knowledge using several major file processing platforms and he combines a rare insight into and deep technical knowledge of electronic discovery and litigation support. In addition to decades of experience, Joe exhibits a trusted dedication to serving the best interests and needs of his customers.

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