Behavioural Analytics

Behavioral Analytics

Is that normal?

At the heart of the diabolical problems that organizations face—cybersecurity, financial crime, insider threats, and more—the fundamental issue is people. How can you tell the difference between harmless everyday activity and the kind that will cause trouble?


People just don’t do what you expect them to. For example, despite widespread education on the perils of phishing emails, nearly a quarter of recipients still open them and more than 10% also open attachments. A cybersecurity technology that works must work despite that fact some people will inevitably do the wrong thing.

Human behavior is complex. An employee printing a large document, copying it to a USB stick, or attaching it to an email might be stealing your intellectual property … or just doing their job. Your security team would go mad if they received an alert every time an employee accessed an important document. How can you filter out the noise?


Nuix’s approach includes automated, machine learning, and analytical tools that:

  • Monitor computer and user activity on individual endpoints, and apply a customizable logic engine to filter, alert for, and block malicious behavior
  • Aggregate behavior, establish baselines, and generate rules to identify anomalous activity
  • Correlate behavioral information from multiple simultaneous sources, such as comparing building access logs with computer login times.

Using this approach, you can automatically identify and shut down anomalous network or application activity that indicates the presence of malware or a network intrusion. You can also discover out-of-the-ordinary human behavior that indicates an insider threat, intellectual property theft, fraud, and other illicit activities—and based on these indicators, choose to alert for, monitor, or block the activity.

Our software maintains a complete and forensically sound record of activity for further investigation or use as evidence. It shows events in context, minimizing the noise of extraneous alerts.


Applying our behavioral analytics software, your organization can:

  • Decrease the impact of targeted cyberattacks, zero-day exploits, and everyday human errors by identifying and blocking malicious application activity
  • Minimize the delay between business risk events and when you learn about them
  • Predict insider threats, fraud, and financial crime inside your organization and stop them before they happen.