Corporate Investigations

Corporate Investigations

Don’t bet your business on old-school forensic tools 

The traditional forensic approach to investigation is not only time consuming and resource intensive but also delivers incomplete results that make it hard to find answers. Nuix gives you a better way.


In the traditional approach to internal investigations, organizations must either recruit and train staff members to use digital forensic tools or outsource data collection, processing, and analysis to external providers. Neither approach gets you the answers you need quickly or cost effectively. 

Forensic tools, designed for law enforcement, are overwhelmed by the volume of data the comes with multiple office locations and remote workers, complex enterprise data stores, and the proliferation of cloud and mobile device data sources. What’s worse, they make it impossible to trace the labyrinthine connections of human activity hidden among all these sources. 


Nuix software rapidly interrogates the industry’s widest variety of enterprise data sources, including email, file shares, enterprise content systems, archives, cloud storage services and applications, and mobile devices. With this capability, you can:

  • Collect, process, and search terabytes of human-generated data, reaching into the most complex and hard-to-access corporate data stores
  • Automatically discover communication patterns and other hidden connections between people, objects, locations, and events
  • Collaboratively investigate and review the results to get the answers you need quickly and comprehensively.


The Nuix platform minimizes the business disruption and cost of internal investigations. Using Nuix, you can:

  • Make sure the right people get to see the data that matters to them, rapidly gaining a clear and comprehensive understanding of every matter at hand and the business risks involved
  • Apply automated workflows and machine-learning intelligence to reduce the training required to conduct efficient, repeatable, and defensible examinations
  • Use a single platform to collaboratively investigate employee misconduct, fraud, corruption, data breaches, and intellectual property theft, and respond to regulatory enquiries, legal discovery, and subject access requests.