Enterprise Cybersecurity

Enterprise Cybersecurity

Did you create a security Frankenstein?

Organizations invest vast sums in cybersecurity technologies and still fall victim to data breaches. The problem isn’t how much they’re spending but that they can’t measure if those investments have been successful. Nuix helps you build a robust security posture that makes your organization a much harder target for attackers.


Most data breaches are not the result of super-complicated attacks carried out by skilled hackers but a consequence of poor IT hygiene. Every year, enterprises store more and more data, in more formats, on more devices, on premises, and in the cloud. It’s almost impossible to know what data is stored where, who has access to it, and how it’s protected.

These organizations invest in many different products to secure these systems, then try to cobble them all together into a security Frankenstein that generates massive numbers of alerts but very little context. Security analysts struggle to make the connection between the alerts and attacker activity, while executives and directors can’t make informed business decisions about what to protect and where to spend money on protecting it.


Understanding your data profile paves the way for developing a robust cybersecurity posture that encompasses strong security policies, multilevel education programs, and effective technology. No security technology or program can ever make you 100 percent safe from data breaches. However, by applying a defense-in-depth approach you can make your organization a much harder target for attackers.

Our cybersecurity approach is built on proprietary technology—including the patented Nuix processing engine—and the expertise of world leaders in security, intelligence, digital forensics, penetration testing, and malware.

Nuix gives you visibility into more data types and formats than any other vendor, including log files, network data, communication activity, mobile data, intelligence feeds, data in the cloud, structured repositories, and social media. The Nuix platform pulls together historic and real-time data sources so you can ask questions of your data and get timely answers that inform better decisions and help you anticipate what’s coming next.


In many instances, a strong cybersecurity posture is seamless and invisible to the organization and its customers. When it’s working well, bad stuff doesn’t happen. However, it also can become a source of competitive advantage in that:

  • Cybersecurity incidents are much less likely, and if one slips through, you can minimize the damage and avoid redirecting funds and resources to dealing with the fallout
  • Other organizations will be more willing to do business with you if you can prove your cybersecurity maturity
  • You establish a defensible position of reasonableness so that if a data breach occurs, your organization can demonstrate that it took reasonable actions to protect itself and its data. Doing cybersecurity right will have a dramatic impact on post-breach litigation.


Cases involving data rarely give you the luxury of working in just one tool to resolve them. This Nuix Bytes video take you on a journey through several Nuix products, demonstrating how they all work together to give you the answers you need, fast.