Fraud & Corruption

Fraud and Corruption

Get the whole story to stay out of the headlines

With financial crime, structured data analytics can only alert you to anomalous activity. Nuix software traces human-generated data and communications, providing the insight and context you need to chase down company culprits.


Fraud, bribery, and corruption are splashed across the news headlines almost every day. You need effective systems to detect and prevent financial crime and to investigate, seriously and proportionately, all reports of illegal activities.

Transaction monitoring and big data analytics are vital for detecting suspicious activity. But they tell only half the story. Gaining a complete picture requires rapid, in-depth insights into human-generated data and communications across the enterprise.


Nuix brings data to life with clarity and intelligence so investigators can address financial crime head on. Using our software, you can:

  • Collect, process, search, and analyze terabytes of human-generated data, reaching into the most complex and hard-to-access data stores
  • Automatically discover communication patterns and other hidden connections among people, objects, locations, and events
  • Comprehensively monitor user activity at the endpoint to draw the line between suspicion and proof.


Our platform delivers a contextualized understanding of the risks of financial crime in your organization, giving you a far more complete picture than structured-data analytics alone. With Nuix, you can:

  • Bring critical facts to the surface faster by automatically identifying and classifying risk indicators in human-generated data
  • Develop and nurture a culture that proactively minimizes the opportunities for fraud, bribery, and corruption
  • Reduce the risk of regulatory fines, reputational damage, and criminal sanctions against senior executives.