Hyperscale Data Processing

Hyperscale Data Processing

When is too much data not enough? 

For all kinds of organizations, the difference between success and failure is the ability to gain meaningful, timely answers from data. While there’s simply too much data, not enough of it is useful. The Nuix platform pinpoints information and delivers insights to get you to the heart of the matter. 


At the heart of many of the world’s most critical issues lies the need to understand large volumes of digital information. Data is the fuel for searches, forensic investigation, analytics, intelligence analysis, machine learning, and many other disciplines devoted to finding timely answers to the basic questions: who, what, where, why, when, and how. But organizations face two major obstacles in bending data to their will:

  • The volumes of data never stop growing
  • Information professionals and data scientists spend most of their time wrangling data into usable formats and eliminating the parts that aren’t relevant.


The Nuix platform is jam-packed with technologies designed to help you deliver insights from massive data volumes:

  • Our patented parallel processing engine can index and search virtually unlimited volumes of unstructured data with unmatched speed and precision. It has a unique combination of intelligent processing technologies and a deep built-in understanding of complex file formats and storage types that other tools can’t match.
  • Nuix can scale within a single large server or across multiple high- or low-powered machines to work with petabyte-scale data.
  • Nuix can collect real-time and historical data from endpoints and networks, providing the raw material for cybersecurity, intelligence, machine learning, and behavioral analysis.


Taking advantage of Nuix’s unmatched ability to provide visibility into data at hyperscale:

  • Governments and law enforcement agencies can stay ahead of terrorists, hackers, organized crime gangs, and white-collar criminals—and reduce their case backlogs
  • Advisory and service provider firms can meet challenging deadlines from clients, courts, and regulators
  • Organizations can make informed decisions about risk, compliance, litigation, governance, and security.