Incident Response

Incident Response

Your data has been compromised. Now what? 

Once you’ve discovered a data breach, you need to know what happened, when it happened, what was at risk, and how to remediate any vulnerabilities or misconfigurations—fast. Nuix can help quickly uncover the crucial details so you can minimize the impacts and get business back up and running faster. 


Once you’ve discovered a security incident, you face two challenges:

  • Finding out which systems and data were compromised and which customers, employees, and company assets might have been affected—and all in time to meet regulatory reporting deadlines as short as 72 hours
  • Understanding and remediating the causes of the incident to rebuild your cybersecurity defenses.

This response requires analysts to piece together disparate data from many sources under immense pressure, time constraints, and the threat of almost certain litigation. Do you have the technology and expert knowledge to do it—all of it?


The Nuix platform can ingest and analyze huge volumes of current and historic data at great speed, giving your security analysts the best chance of responding to an incident comprehensively and in time to meet deadlines. Nuix provides visibility into more data in a single window. This visibility allows you to triage threats in near real time and make your breach response faster, more accurate, and more effective.

Our technology is built from a unique and unmatched understanding of cybersecurity attackers, data breaches, the criminals, and their crimes. We’ve built into our platform the knowledge and experience of world experts in digital forensics, incident response, penetration testing, malware reverse engineering, and security research. 

We’re also mindful that any investments you make improving your security posture before a data breach will be minute compared to the costs of cleaning up after one. That’s why we work with consulting partners around the world to offer a range of security services that help you:


The faster and more accurately you can respond to a security incident, the smaller the impact will be. With Nuix, you can:

  • Minimize the time and opportunity an attacker has to access your vital data
  • Mitigate post-breach costs including loss of customer confidence, loss of market share, diminished valuation, protracted litigation and class-action suits, regulatory fines, negative media coverage, and inquiries by government oversight bodies
  • Get your business back up and running in a shorter time.