Insider Threat

Insider Threat

It’s who’s on the inside that counts

Organizations must protect customer data and valuable intellectual property from cybercriminals, competitors, and even foreign governments. What if the biggest threat is already inside your network? Nuix understands how insiders think and how to stay ahead of them.


Internal actors are responsible for half of all data losses. Malicious insiders steal information and damage systems at the behest of foreign governments, for personal financial gain, out of a desire for revenge, or to score political points. However, many insider data losses are not malicious but the result of mistakes or poor system configuration. 

Anyone who needs access to critical value data to work, or gains access to it when they don’t need it, is a potential insider threat. Practically speaking, it doesn’t matter how an insider threat got in but what they did afterward. Whatever the cause, the longer an insider threat goes undetected, the greater the potential damage to the organization and the cost of incident response, clean-up, and recovery. 


Regardless of where the insider threat originates, the tactics they employ are similar. You can spot the warning signs if you know what to look for. 

Our approach combines a deep understanding of insider threats and how to counter them, strong business practices, and unique technology. Combined, these allow you to:

  • Identify relationships among malicious insiders, the tools and channels used, the location of the events, and the data exchanged
  • Investigate insider threat activity intuitively and reduce the level of expertise required for even the most complex of cases
  • Protect your critical-value data and respond effectively to insider breaches
  • Prosecute malicious insiders confidently, armed with defensible evidence.


In an ideal situation, Nuix can help you detect insider activity before it becomes a serious threat. That means all your critical-value data stays inside the organization where it belongs. In dealing with insider threats you can also:

  • Gain a reputation for understanding and protecting critical value data, including customers’ private information, making your organization a more appealing supplier and business partner
  • Understand where your critical data is stored (and where it isn’t), simplifying legal discovery, investigations, regulator requests, and other information retrieval needs.