Intellectual Property Theft

Intellectual Property Theft

If intellectual property is your lifeblood, don’t you need armor to protect it?

No matter what your organization does, intellectual property is what makes you you. And it’s under threat like never before, from competitors, cybercriminals, insider threats, unhappy employees, and even hostile nation states. Nuix helps you keep your intellectual property where it belongs.


The connected world makes it easy for your invaluable intellectual property to walk out the door, virtually or literally. Even in organizations that keep their intellectual property in controlled repositories, employees who need access to this information to do their jobs may make copies in unauthorized and unprotected locations such as email, file shares, and personal computers. This access make your intellectual property vulnerable to theft and data breaches.

Short of unplugging your internet connection and locking all your employees in the office, how can you protect the intellectual assets your organization has worked so hard to build? 


The first step in protecting intellectual property is understanding what you hold and where. Using the Nuix platform, your organization can:

  • Find out what intellectual property your organization holds and where it’s stored, and manage who has access to it
  • Apply machine learning and behavioral analytics to identify anomalous printing, copying, or emailing of specified information that strongly indicates theft of intellectual property
  • Closely examine historical and real-time activity of employees who work with critical intellectual property or who have been identified as a high risk of stealing it (for example, have recently resigned under unusual circumstances). 


Nuix helps you keep your intellectual property where it belongs and detect suspect behavior before it leads to a serious loss. With Nuix software, you can:

  • Understand where your intellectual property is stored (and where it isn’t), minimizing the risk of theft and data breaches
  • Focus your security efforts on the employees, business units, and computer systems at greatest risk of intellectual property loss
  • Leverage this knowledge of your intellectual property to simplify the process of legal discovery, regulator requests, and other information retrieval needs.