Intelligence Analysis

Intelligence Analysis

How can you see beyond the noise? 

Bringing context to data is critical to making informed decisions. Nuix’s intelligence analysis platform enables you to understand more information, from more sources, faster. It combines the widest variety of historical evidence with real-time data and an intuitive interface.


The old saying goes, “Making predictions is hard, especially about the future.” But intelligence analysts must make these predictions every day, through a combination of science, art, and intuition. 

The proliferation of data generated and stored about every person could make intelligence analysis easier, if only it were possible to discard the noise and bring context to the facts that matter. This insight requires three essential elements:

  • Access to the broadest possible range of historical data on the question at hand
  • Real-time and near-real-time feeds of information on current activity
  • A framework for connecting and contextualizing all the information to focus on the key facts.


Nuix’s unique software delivers these three capabilities like no other technology. The Nuix Engine pulls in historical evidence from an unparalleled variety of sources, including email, mobile devices, cloud services, enterprise storage, and digital forensic data. You can incorporate live and near-real-time information from endpoints, network activity, social media, and threat and intelligence feeds.

And an easy-to-use interface brings all the data together, correlating people, objects, locations, and events. It applies advanced graph database and machine learning technologies to cull, connect, and contextualize key facts among disparate data sources. We’ve incorporated, and continue to add, the real-world field experience of our experts in cybersecurity, digital forensics, law enforcement, and counterintelligence. 


Using the Nuix platform for intelligence analysis means you can:

  • Understand and contextualize more information, from more sources, to make well-supported predictions
  • Leverage the built-in knowledge and experience of our experts to streamline your work
  • Reduce the burden of training analysts by implementing technologies that are easy to use, even for relative beginners.