Litigation Support

Litigation Support

Crush your deadlines before they crush you 

How can you deliver a repeatable, defensible, and efficient discovery process that maintains your competitive edge? Nuix gives you a single platform that smashes through large and complex data sets to meet the hardest deadlines.


Discovery and litigation support services have seen no drop in demand, buoyed by heated litigation and regulatory environments and the need to understand increasingly large and complex sets of electronically stored information. However, data volumes and complexity also make it harder to meet court and client deadlines. A consolidating and competitive market increases the pressure you face to drive down costs.

How can you deliver a consistent and efficient discovery process that keeps you competitive? How can you diversify your offerings to support a variety of risk-based business technology services?


Nuix gives you a single platform to support a streamlined end-to-end discovery process. There’s no matching our ability to collect massive volumes of data from a wide variety of enterprise, mobile, and cloud sources, and process it into a searchable and reviewable format at high speed. In short: we get more data, faster.

Nuix allows you to choose the capabilities that meet your needs:

  • Targeted forensic collection of electronically stored information across individual devices, networks, and enterprise systems
  • A complete off-the-shelf solution for discovery processing, investigation, analysis, review and production—with the option of an Elasticsearch back end for ultimate scalability
  • Powerful scripting and application programming interfaces for easy integration into your existing workflow;
  • A web application for secure, fast, collaborative data review by multiple reviewers
  • A framework for automating and balancing workloads across multiple tasks and processing resources
  • Machine learning technology for converting electronically recorded speech to searchable text and metadata.


The world’s largest advisory, legal, and litigation support firms use Nuix as an integral part of their discovery workflows. With Nuix, you can:

  • Meet crushing deadlines from courts and clients despite growing data volume and complexity
  • Simplify and automate complex discovery workflows to minimize the potential for human error and costly rework
  • Leverage your investments in Nuix technology to deliver value-added services in forensic data recovery and investigation, cybersecurity, information governance, and many other use cases.