Threat Hunting

Threat Hunting

Have you been breached? How do you know?

It often takes months for organizations to discover a data breach. Nuix threat hunting identifies the calling cards of known cyberattacks in your network. These indicators of compromise can uncover existing breaches and improve your ability to find them in future.


On average, it takes an organization hundreds of days to discover it has suffered a data breach. However, most system compromises happen in a matter of hours. This leaves more than enough time for a malicious actor to find, access, and steal your most precious and high-risk data. 

What can you do if you suspect someone has gained unauthorized access to your systems? If your controls were subverted, would you even know? Do you have the in-house skills, time, resources, and technology to identify suspicious activity and connect it with an attack?


Delivered through a global network of partners, Nuix threat hunting is a proven methodology for analyzing activity within your network, establishing a baseline of known and authorized behavior, and then detecting anomalies that indicate an active breach or the potential for one.

Nuix’s threat hunting approach is built from decades of experience in digital forensics and incident response, working on the world’s largest and most prominent data breaches. Rather than focusing on file signatures, we examine behavior at a network and individual endpoint level and identify indications of known attack vendors.


By calling in Nuix and our partners for threat hunting, your organization can:

  • Discover undetected data breaches and respond quickly and thoroughly
  • Identify gaps in your security detection, response, and logging and improve your ability to find threats in the future
  • Demonstrate to customers, investors, regulators and other stakeholders that your organization has gone above and beyond the check-boxes of compliance.