Voice Analytics

Voice Analytics

Are you listening? 

Voice recordings need to be considered alongside emails, text messages, documents, and many other sources. How can you hear what they have to say without having to spend unprofitable time transcribing them? Nuix quickly turns recorded speech into searchable text. 


Audio and video recordings of speech—voicemail, phone recording systems, smartphones, digital note takers, and police body cameras—are an instrumental evidence source in compliance, litigation, and investigations. 

But turning voice into searchable text and metadata has always been a compromise. Automated voice recognition systems lacked the accuracy for reliable searching, leaving the only option to manually transcribe the recordings at a snail’s pace. Despite the huge volume of potential evidence, investigators could only ever hope to listen to a fraction of it.


Nuix has partnered with Voci, the world leader in automated speech transcription, to quickly convert recordings into usable data. Voci’s speech-to-text technology breaks voice recordings into words, language, dialect, emotion, and speaker, providing searchable text as well as a wealth of metadata. 

A single Nuix Voice appliance can convert more than 100 hours of recorded audio or video to text in just one hour of clock time. That means you can work through hours of archived recordings and voicemails in minutes, and monitor conversations in real time.


Using Nuix Voice for audio transcription allows you to:

  • Turn voice recordings into accurate and fully punctuated transcripts for analysis, search, and additional downstream processing—in real time or faster
  • Search and analyze voice recordings alongside emails, text messages, documents, chats, and many other sources in a single platform
  • Deliver audio search capabilities wherever they’re needed in your organization without the time-consuming and cost-prohibitive need for transcription.