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Nuix Collections

Advanced Collections
Integrated with Your Workflow

Make your remote and hard-to-get-at collections simpler, faster, and cheaper in this work-from-home world.


Collect Anything, Anywhere, Anytime

  • Collect from any type of device (laptop, desktop, phone, server, cloud, Amazon S3 buckets)
  • Collect through multiple types of operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux)
  • Collect from internet- or Wi-Fi-connected locations (home, office, Starbucks, community center, server room, etc.)

Target Information and Files

  • Browse file systems before collection to target relevant folders or files
  • Pre-filter collections by keyword, document type, custodian, timeframe, and more
  • Collect only what you need for processing, investigation, analysis, and production.

Streamline the data process

  • Automatically connect the processing data that you’re collecting
  • Use the web to see the data collected, cull it, analyze it, and review it right away
  • Provide one-stop data management to legal teams who need to get from collection to review ASAP.

Need More Proof?

Read how we provide:

  • Forensically defensible collections across the enterprise
  • Full content searching on every endpoint
  • Collections on only what you need
  • How to streamline the collections process

Read our Product Sheet here or Request a Demo for more information.

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