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Nuix Orchestration

Control Your System Workflows

Nuix Orchestration lets you map out complex data processes using a web-based, multi-user graphical interface, and run them repeatedly with minimal user input. It gives you an easy button to optimize resource use, manage changing priorities, and maintain consistent eDiscovery, investigation, and information governance workflows.

Maximum Throughput

Queue tasks across multiple servers and leave them to run unsupervised or overnight, eliminating the need to wait around for each process to complete so you can kick off the next.

Minimize Errors and Rework

One of the biggest costs in time and money is fixing errors and redoing the same task multiple times. Nuix Orchestration lets you create detailed templates and workflows with consistent settings applied to each activity, greatly reducing the chance for human error and missing steps in your process.

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

Even non-technical staff can complete difficult tasks and achieve consistent, repeatable, audited, and defensible results so all your employees can focus on more interesting, high-value work.


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  • Strategically prioritize your jobs
    to maximize resources and
    cut downtime
    Job Queue
  • Accurately and consistently
    process data across your
    environment with minimal effort
    Case Template