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Nuix Ringtail

Achieve True End-to-end eDiscovery

Nuix Ringtail puts the power of enhanced eDiscovery review, visual analytics, and predictive coding at your fingertips to help you uncover better evidence faster and quickly integrate it into your strategy for litigation and regulatory cases. Make Nuix Ringtail a key part of your end-to-end eDiscovery practice.

Amazingly Fast Review

Dramatically improve the speed and quality of your document review while delivering profound time and cost savings.

Powerful Analytics

Give all members of your legal team access to advanced data visualizations and everyday analytics—all as part of the base Nuix Ringtail license—to find key facts and patterns in your case data more quickly.

Efficiency and Productivity

Manage all your litigation projects using multi-tenancy reporting and tracking; rapid start-up, training, and support; and cross-functional eDiscovery workflows that make you more efficient and productive.


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  • Review and code documents,
    email, social media, and audio
    files quickly and accurately
    Fast Document Review
  • Analyze keywords, concepts,
    timelines, and social networks
    in a single interface
    Integrated Visual Analytics
  • Track case metrics, coding trends,
    and reviewer progress effortlessly
    Detailed Case Dashboards


Nuix Ringtail Product Sheet

Ringtail 9.8 Fact Sheet

Nuix Ringtail Better Early Case Assessment