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Information Transparency To Meet Your Governance Goals

Improve the Way You Manage Information

Nuix compliance and information governance solutions improve the way you manage information by helping you inventory, understand, classify, and act on data to support your business initiatives.

Save time, money, and frustration by using our software to build indexed data lakes, drive early case assessment, respond to freedom-of-information and privacy requests, perform compliance audits, analyze intellectual property for mergers or divestitures, optimize IT infrastructure, extract data from email archives, support records management projects, simplify the collection steps for investigations and eDiscovery, and much more.

Specifically, for many clients, the level of effort needed to respond to the myriad of privacy regulations is growing with every new regulation. Nuix is a vital part of a compliance framework that helps you respond to GDPR, CCPA, and other regulations. Nuix’s speed and precision support your information-centric response efforts, including data mapping, access requests, content protection, and breach response.



Know What Information You Need to Manage

Protection, retention, and discovery management of unstructured content are key to regulatory compliance. Understanding your data, classifying it for records, protecting and securing it, and transforming it to maximize its value is the best way to govern it.

From indexing data lakes to developing data privacy and protection programs, Nuix delivers a unique visual approach that lets governance stakeholders master the details of any information problem.

We give you more control, speed, and predictability in your governance and compliance workflow.

Leave No Stone Unturned

We give an amazingly fast, complete way to get the right details out of the right documents from all the right sources.

Don't skip the data source, file format, or container that represents the most critical piece of compliance information.

Don't waste time manually filtering, sorting, reviewing, or redacting information.

Don’t keep unnecessary information rotting in your file systems, expanding your litigation costs and getting in the way of productive work.

We help compliance teams succeed.