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Visibility and Control Across Your Endpoints

Our Proactive Approach to Protecting Your Enterprise

Nuix delivers a proactive approach that gives you the visibility, adaptability, and control to monitor, react, and investigate threats as they arise. Our endpoint detection and response software allows enterprise-wide triage, forensic collection, and investigation immediately at time of detection, reducing the risk exposure of lost intellectual property or personal data.

Take a proactive stance by:

  • Reducing the time it takes to detect an impending or ongoing attack
  • Accelerating recovery time
  • Speeding investigations with real-time forensics
  • Easily adapting to changing environments, regulations, and attack vectors
  • Stopping incidents as they happen.



The Art of Monitoring and Response

The Nuix endpoint solution provides complete visibility, control, and response across your organization. The software enables you to:

  • Respond to incidents as they happen. Anticipating and responding to undesired incidents-- whether internal or external threats-- in real time reduces response time, lowers the impact to the organization, and maintains business continuity.
  • Safeguard critical data against compromise. Be agile when anticipating or responding to an incident, know what’s normal and not, and use decoy tactics to reduce your attack surface and protect your most critical assets.
  • Scale valuable personnel and existing security investments. Focus your security team on more strategic initiatives by automating processes, making pertinent information immediately visible to the team, and enabling quick response.
  • Reduce risk, liability, and disruption in your organization. Protect your company’s reputation and integrity by detecting threats earlier, identifying suspected incidents faster, and resolving incidents more completely by connecting security and investigation workflows.

Cross-Team Collaboration in a Single Solution

We’ve integrated our security software into one platform, Nuix Endpoint, that enables collaboration across your security, investigation, and compliance teams from a single endpoint solution.

The solution allows you to monitor threats; search for confidential intellectual property, sensitive personal information, and evidentiary keywords; and forensically collect evidence in near real-time response.

In addition, providing our security solution across your enterprise can benefit your governance and compliance programs by helping you gain visibility into what critical data you have, what it’s worth, and who’s responsible for it.