Tish Looper

Sales Engineer

Tish has over 20 years of experience working with software solution vendors (Microsoft, IBM, Dell, and Guidance, as well as startups). Tish has held positions as a Regional Technical Manager, Sr. Data Management Specialist – Team Lead, Product Manager, and Sr. Strategic Sales Engineer. Tish’s industry expertise spans conversation with F500 customers, across verticals, focused on GRC, forensic and eDiscovery investigation, data archiving, migration, preservation, remediation, data analytics, and security incident response. Tish has published articles in the Metropolitan Law Review, Dell Power Solution Magazine, and she has written several blogs on data quality.

At Nuix, Tish works closely with two of the top global advisory service providers, and enterprise accounts. She has a significant focus as a key technical advisor and solution advocate on forensic and eDiscovery investigations, GDPR, information governance, sensitive data discovery, data analytics, and security intelligence & insider threat solutions. Tish has a strong knowledge of execution from technical account management to selling both on business and technical needs.