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Nuix Developer - eDiscovery

The Nuix Certified Developer Master Pathway is intended to enable developers with the tools, techniques and tricks to implement typical workflows using Nuix's premiere data normalization and analysis tools.  You will learn to:

  • Successfully install and set up your Nuix Development environment.
  • Review best practices for DevOps and Nuix.
  • Learn how data modeling and infrastructure considerations impact your workflow.
  • Build and run your own end-to-end workflows from collection to review using Nuix.
  • Integrate Nuix with other best-of-breed applications.
  • Customize your review workflow and experience with the Nuix Discover.
  • Graph API and UI Extensions.

A Nuix Developer will begin their journey taking any, or all, the Standard API courses: Nuix Core Engine Java API, Nuix Core Engine REST API, Nuix Core Engine Scripting API and Process Automation. For the eDiscovery use case, the additional course is the Nuix Discover Graph API. This course covers the use of a Discover API Key and the common business scenarios.

Students will be enrolled in the courses of their choosing and the corresponding Nuix Certified Developer certification exams.  Students who achieve four or more Nuix Certified Developer certifications will earn Nuix Certified Developer Mastery.