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Nuix Developer - Scripting

The Nuix Developer training offerings were created by developers, for developers, are specifically designed to jump start your effort to automate, integrate or extend the Nuix Platform.  This track provides an overview of the Nuix stack tailored for architects and coders with emphasis on best practices for memory management, data modelling, exception handling and topics that will help ensure the success of your project. 

Nuix's Core Engine Scripting API is installed with Nuix Workstation providing users with a convenient development sandbox and a low learning curve.  The Nuix Developer - Scripting class will provide an overview of how to configure, invoke and develop using JRuby, Jython or ECMAScript and Nuix's Scripting API including best practices.  In-depth labs provide examples of case creating, data processing, searching, culling, data enrichment and data export with load files.

Students will be enrolled in the Nuix Developer - Scripting exam.  This exam is a requisite exam for obtaining the Nuix Developer Master certification.

To find out more, download the Nuix Developer - Scripting course syllabus.