Accelerating Investigations Using Advanced eDiscovery Techniques

Today, investigators face a constant battle to find the truth in ever larger, more varied and increasingly complex stores of electronic evidence. As the growing volume of data has stretched traditional digital forensic tools to capacity, it has become more difficult to examine everything in deep forensic detail. To improve the efficiency of investigations we need to more effectively zoom in on critical data from the outset, and then focus the time-consuming deep forensic analysis on this data only.

This webinar will share workflows and techniques from the legal world of electronic discovery (eDiscovery), which typically has even larger volumes of digital evidence than found in forensic investigations.

Watch this webinar now to learn how workflows such as near-duplication, named entities and visual analytics can help you look at the evidence from different angles.

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Paul Slater

Paul Slater

Head of Investigation Solutions

Paul Slater is a subject matter expert with more than 20 years of experience in investigations, digital forensics and eDiscovery. Paul has held senior roles within law enforcement, corporate and Big Four advisory organisations. He was a member of the review board for the Association of Chief Police Officers’ Good Practice Guide for Digital Evidence.

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Ady Cassidy

Director of Solution Consultancy

Ady is a computer forensic investigator and eDiscovery consultant. He has over 20 years experience as a Computer Forensic Analyst with the Suffolk Police High Tech Crime Unit. Before joining Nuix, Ady was Managing Consultant with 7Safe, where he was responsible for managing the London based eDiscovery team deploying end-to-end forensic and eDiscovery services.


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