Applying Technology to Defeat Child Abuse

Child protection and law enforcement agencies must handle large and growing volumes of multimedia files in their efforts to catch perpetrators and identify and rescue child abuse victims. Through a partnership between software vendors NetClean and Nuix, agencies can now streamline the workflow for extracting, analyzing, categorizing, and investigating the sources of child abuse material, helping to identify and build a case against the perpetrators and their associates.

Watch this webinar on demand as we walk you through how to effectively use this enhanced technology to manage your in-house digital investigations.

Learn how the integration allows investigators to:

  • Extract images and videos from thousands of data formats, device types, and storage technologies using Nuix Investigator
  • Review, categorize, and tag those digital media files in NetClean’s Analyze DI
  • Import suspect files and associated tags back in Nuix Investigator to examine their sources in greater depth.

We will demonstrate how information can easily be shared between Nuix and NetClean, a brief demo of this key workflow, and an agency success story.

Featured speakers include:

  • Robert O'Leary - Senior Manager, Business Development - Nuix
  • Johann Hofmann - Product Manager - NetClean
  • James "Jim" Cole - Special Agent - US Department of Homeland Security



Robert J. O'Leary

Sales Engineer, Nuix

Robert O’Leary has 25 years of experience in digital evidence examination, electronic crime investigation, incident response and cybersecurity assessments.

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