Beat the Forensic Backlog with Nuix and ADF

Big data is a big challenge for the forensic community. Digital forensic investigators are finding it hard to keep up with the proliferation of digital storage and mobile devices. Traditional forensic tools, methods and workflows are failing to keep up with the demand, leading to forensic backlogs and stretched resources and increasing the chance that critical evidence will be missed.

This webinar will demonstrate how forensic labs can deploy advanced triage and digital investigation technologies to dramatically reduce backlogs.

You’ll learn how to:   

  • Work smarter, not harder. Combine the strengths of Nuix and ADF software to maximise the efficiency of your resources and budget.
  • Beat backlogs. Use ADF triage tools to rapidly eliminate devices that do not contain relevant evidence, then apply Nuix’s rapid data processing, content-based forensic triage and collaborative investigation methodology to find the critical facts among massive volumes of data.
  • Extract intelligence. Cross-reference multiple data sources including computers, mobile devices and other digital media.

Your speakers include:

  • Paul Slater - Director of Forensic Solutions, Nuix
  • Brian Hedquist - VP of Marketing, ADF Solutions Inc.


Paul Slater

Paul Slater

Head of Investigation Solutions

Paul Slater is a subject matter expert with more than 20 years of experience in investigations, digital forensics and eDiscovery. Paul has held senior roles within law enforcement, corporate and Big Four advisory organisations. He was a member of the review board for the Association of Chief Police Officers’ Good Practice Guide for Digital Evidence.

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