Big Audio in the Enron Data Set

Following the bankruptcy of Enron in 2001, a large collection of digital data was collected from Enron for preservation by FERC. Many of the emails make up the Enron data set. Related to the Enron data set originally published by EDRM lies 2,800 hours of recorded audio. These audio files were the primary evidence source for Snohomish Power when litigating against Enron—and a huge challenge.

View our webinar examining the audio data Snohomish Power used in the Enron case. Brian Tuemmler, Information Governance Program Architect at Nuix, will detail the applicable eDiscovery and compliance efforts that could have been exponentially simplified using the latest technology available today. Michael Lappin, Nuix Head of Solutions Consulting, will demonstrate how Nuix Voice easily turns recorded and live speech into accurate and fully-punctuated transcripts for analysis, search, and additional downstream processing.