Bridging the Language Gap Between Techs and Execs

Nuix’s cybersecurity professionals have conducted literally thousands of breach investigations and consulting engagements. During this time, we’ve noticed that IT professionals and business executives speak very different languages.

This language gap is alarming because clear communication in both directions is essential. Tech specialists need executives to give credence and understand the risks present in security vulnerabilities and misconfigurations, while company leaders need to impart the dynamics of return on investment, risk appetite and sustainable market advantages to ensure the organisation meets its broader objectives.

In this webinar, we’ll examine the communication mistakes each group makes and how to close the gap for the benefit of the whole company.

Gary Chapman’s bestselling book The Five Love Languages aims to improve the way couples communicate. We’re adding a new chapter for the health of corporate relationships: The Love Languages of Cybersecurity.

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Chris Pogue

Chris Pogue

Head of Services, Security and Partner Integration

Chris Pogue has more than 15 years’ experience and 2,000 breach investigations under his belt. Over his career, Chris has led multiple professional security services organizations and corporate security initiatives to investigate thousands of security breaches worldwide.

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Josh Mitchell

Josh is a Principal Cybersecurity Consultant at Nuix. He works with Nuix’s internal and external application security teams to provide reverse engineering, tool development, secure architecture, and vulnerability assessment services.

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