Bringing Information Transparency™ to Data in the Wild

Informed governance relies on knowing the facts. When you understand the risks and opportunities in your organization’s unstructured data, you can make eyes-wide-open decisions about how much invest in managing information.

Through Information Transparency™, Nuix’s information governance software bring light to dark data and allow you to make informed decisions about information risk and value.

During this webinar, Brian Tuemmler, our Information Governance Program Architect will guide you on a journey across the four stages of unstructured data remediation: Identify, Understand, Classify, and Act.

You will learn:      

  • The essence of information governance and the various use cases and solutions in the market place that play together to enable it
  • How to implement a targeted content reduction program, while adding strategic value to your organization
  • The capabilities and approaches to classify content to achieve greater compliance with Records Management imperatives.

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Brian Tuemmler

Information Governance Program Architect

Brian Tuemmler joined Nuix in 2013 as Information Governance Program Architect helping IG practitioners and sponsors set up and manage enterprise governance programs through methodology, training, tools and software.

Brian has more than 20 years’ experience in the industry including speaking engagements and published articles for ARMA, AIIM and MER.


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