Corporate Espionage

Espionage takes many forms and can range from a simple swipe of client data by a departing employee through to a sophisticated data grab of business critical documents. Although the medium for the theft of data may be as prosaic as a USB device, the impact of the loss of sensitive information can be financially devastating for the victim. In contrast, the intrinsic value of the information stolen may be completely disproportionate to the reputational damage caused if the outside world perceives that the organisation concerned failed to take adequate steps to prevent such leaks.

Watch the webinar to discover practical examples of espionage and how they should be combated and defeated.

Nick Pollard

Security & Intelligence Director, EMEA

Nick joined Nuix in the summer of 2016 as Principal for the Security Intelligence & Analytics Division, EMEA. Nick has a comprehensive technical background spanning forensics, eDiscovery, cybersecurity, and incident response. He has considerable experience managing eDiscovery cases along with large scale cyber-incidents. Nick and his team responded to one of the largest-known cybersecurity breaches in late 2012, which affected over 35,000 endpoint devices.

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David Smith

Chief Information Security Officer

David Smith is the Chief Information Security Officer for Nuix.  He recently retired as an Assistant Special Agent in Charge for the U.S. Secret Service, where he spent more than twenty-four years specializing in computer forensics, information security management, and cyber-crime training and investigations.

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