Data is Nothing Without Context

More than 90% of data breaches successfully compromise their targets within a few days but such attacks typically take weeks to detect and a month or longer to resolve. To save money, time, and hassles, incident responders need to gain deep and rapid insights into the cause and scope of a breach, what happened next, and the fastest path to resolution.

Watch our cybersecurity webinar on demand to learn how Nuix Incident Response reduces the gap between detection and remediation to reduce the cost of breaches.

You will learn how Nuix Incident Response empowers you to:

  • Float the most important information to the top with visual analytics
  • Build a chronology
  • Examine links and relationships
  • Apply log file, Logstash, and geospatial analysis
  • Detect morphing malware (and more) with SSDeep “fuzzy” hashing
  • Automate processes with Ruby, Python, and ECMAScript Scripting

Your featured speakers:

  • Stuart Clarke - Director of Cybersecurity & Investigation Services
  • James Billingsley - Principal Solutions Consultant, Cybersecurity & Investigations



Stuart Clarke

Stuart Clarke

Head of Security & Intelligence Solutions

Stuart is an internationally respected information security expert who is responsible for the overall security and intelligence strategy and delivery at Nuix. During his time at the company, Stuart has advised the United Nations’ peak cybersecurity body ITU and provided cybersecurity training for over 60 computer emergency response teams. He led the development of Nuix Investigation & Response, an innovative investigative tool used to delve into the causes and scope of data breaches.

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James Billingsley

Principal Solutions Consultant, Cybersecurity & Investigations

James has a decade of experience in computer forensics. Before joining Nuix, he worked as a Senior Breach Investigation Consultant leading PCI forensic investigations for clients including Visa and MasterCard.

As a Certified Examiner, James has supported UK Police Force and government agency investigations and served as an expert witness in UK courts. James has contributed to web browser forensics software tools which law enforcement agencies and international corporations around the world use.

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