Defending Data: How Do You Compare?

There is a growing body of evidence that traditional perimeter defenses cannot prevent information security breaches. Examples appear almost weekly in media reports about mass-scale losses of consumer credit card numbers.

In a revealing new survey conducted for Nuix by Ari Kaplan Advisors, information security professionals said preventing breaches was “an unattainable goal.”

Join our panel of experts for an inside perspective on why corporate security officials are shifting their focus toward detecting, understanding and remediating breaches as quickly as possible – and how this is affecting their strategy, budget, policy and technology decisions.

During this webinar, our panel of experts will discuss key results and insights of this benchmark research, including the increasing collaboration between security specialists and data owners, and a growing tension between businesses’ productivity and security needs.

Report author Ari Kaplan who will discuss the report’s findings and its implications for the information security industry with:  

  • Dr. Jim Kent, the Washington, D.C.-based Global Head of Investigations and Cybersecurity for Nuix
  • Amie Taal, Vice President of Security and Investigations at Deutsche Bank
  • Mike Kennemer, Global Security Architect at Celanese
  • Stephen Stewart, Chief Technical Officer at Nuix.