On Demand Webinar: Cyber Threat Hunting & Reducing the Risk of a Successful Breach

The term “Cyber Threat Hunting” refers to an organization applying proactive measures to detect threats through networks and data that might otherwise go undetected through conventional automated security systems. There are a variety of increasingly important internal and external factors that your organization should consider when evaluating the value of threat hunting.

How is your organization prepared to spot breaches before they happen and manage the risk to your enterprise?

Hoke Smith

Regional Director, Business Threat Intelligence and Analysis

Hoke has more than 17 years of experience in management and technology consulting. His areas of expertise include counterintelligence, insider threat detection, optimizing organizational performance, and big data analytics.

Hoke is a former senior managing consultant at IBM, where he worked with clients in the US national security market. At Booz Allen Hamilton, Hoke helped a range of large organizations solve problems related to operational performance and technology.

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David Smith

Chief Information Security Officer

David Smith is the Chief Information Security Officer for Nuix.  He recently retired as an Assistant Special Agent in Charge for the U.S. Secret Service, where he spent more than twenty-four years specializing in computer forensics, information security management, and cyber-crime training and investigations.

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