Early Case Assessment is Elementary, Dear Watson

Corporate data volumes are exploding exponentially, but legal budgets and court imposed deadlines are not keeping pace. It doesn't take Sherlock Holmes to recognize that reducing your time to knowledge can yield big dividends in cost containment and risk mitigation.

We can help you to see the bigger picture and better prepare for strategic project management, meaningful discovery negotiations, and informed proportionality arguments.

Listen to our webinar on demand to learn how you can use common investigative techniques to:

  • Perform timeline and gap analysis
  • Identify anomalies and trends
  • Reduce the noise quickly and efficiently
  • Find connections.

Your featured speakers:

  • George J. Socha, Jr., Esq. - Founder, Socha Consulting LLC
  • Michael Lappin - Director of Archiving Technology, Nuix


Michael Lappin

Director of Solutions Engineering, Commercial Team

As a former deposition officer and operations manager of a San Francisco based litigation support firm, Michael has been heavily involved in discovery for more than 18 years. Michael was responsible for the issuance, service and deposition of over 150,000 California Civil, Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board and Federal District Court subpoenas in the early/mid 1990’s. His firm was also the sole investigative arm of the Medical Board of California in 1994-1996.

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