End-to-End eDiscovery with Nuix

Are you seeking to improve speed, reduce costs and increase quality in your eDiscovery process? That’s Nuix’s goal. Combining our latest release, Nuix 5.2, with the Nuix Director and Nuix Web Review & Analytics gives you access to a wealth of new features and performance improvements. But not everyone knows how to use these capabilities to their full potential.

Join experienced Nuix engineers Simon Bayangos and Matthew Geaghan for an informative webinar showing you how Nuix’s new applications and capabilities form part of a complete digital discovery workflow.

You’ll discover how you can:   

  • Avoid the drudgery and complexity of moving or exporting data
  • Use advanced new features such as quality control and collaborative web review   
  • Conduct rapid processing, analysis, review and production from any web browser   
  • Define and automate your workflow to minimize errors, simplify operation and make the hard work easier.



Simon Bayangos

Head of Engineering, Nuix North America

Simon Bayangos is Nuix North America's Head of Engineering and an eDiscovery veteran, who brings two decades of leadership and technical experience to Nuix’s technical services team in North America. Simon has solved complex eDiscovery and unstructured data problems for Nuix customers and partners across the country and worldwide. He has worked in information technology since 1994 and in eDiscovery since 1999.


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