Fighting Cyberespionage: Protecting the Enterprise from the Enemy Outside and Within

The protection of your organization's trade secrets, collected PII data, and confidential matters are your top priority. The same is an attractive asset for thousands of hackers around the world looking to profit or gain a competitive advantage that could damage the integrity and success of your organization’s objectives.

In this webinar, listen to three seasoned cybersecurity experts as they present the trends in cyberespionage and discuss:

  • What makes organizations vulnerable to cyberespionage  
  • Why cyberespionage activity can vary across industries based on hacking drivers
  • How a combined security approach that focuses not just on external threat actors but also privileged insiders can help identify spying activity in the enterprise

Your speakers:

  • Chris Pogue - Senior Vice President of Cyber Threat Analysis, Nuix
  • Keith Lowry - Senior Vice President, Business Threat Intelligence and Analysis, Nuix
  • Amie Taal - Financial Industry Cybersecurity & Digital Forensics Expert

Watch it on demand below.